Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unwelcome Guest

© Ellen Blonder
When cleaning out my mug one morning at a beachside motel, I discovered this cockroach in the remains of my tea. How had it gotten there? Had I carried him in my thermos, and had I been drinking cockroach tea all along? Or had it crawled into the mug in the middle of the night? 

When I got over my horror, I photographed it, and have finally sketched it. It's no small creature; counting its antennae, it curled halfway around the inside curve of the mug.


  1. Hello Ellen,
    While it is a great process to go from creeped out by nature to curiosity, to investigatory awe, to artistic capture, I hope that your guest had crawled into your cup for his nap after you had your tea...ughabugga otherwise!

  2. I know. Horror and awe, life and death. It all went through my head as the alternative scenarios were dawning on me. And, of course, bad as I felt, how do you think the cockroach felt about such an end??