Friday, August 14, 2009

Not So Long Ago

© Ellen Blonder
I'm taking a few days' break for a family reunion, but while I'm immersed in thoughts of time passing, I will leave you with this job I did back in the 80s, years before I had my first computer. These icons were used for a corporate annual report; I don't remember the company anymore. What strikes me is how easy it would be to do in Adobe Illustrator now. Back then, though, everything was hand-inked with the aid of a compass, templates and straight edges. Making the lines uniform around the computer keys or the boards on the house icon was a nightmare. A bit of wet ink running under a straight edge or a speck of dust catching on a pen point could ruin a line and force me to start over. I thought twice about caffeine if I was inking.

Enough codger talk. See you soon.


  1. Ellen,

    I was never in your artistic space, but I can definitely relate to how things used to be vs. how they are now. It's easy to get frustrated by current technology, but we forget how difficult or absolutely impossible it used to be to do what we do so easily now.

    Progress. A good thing, yes? Absolutely.

    Enjoy your family. They can't be replaced by technology.

    Oh, and I love your icons!

  2. Very impressive! I can't even imagine how long it would have taken me to do something along these lines without the aid of a computer.