Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apple Sketch

Late post today, no time to paint. Here's a sketch I did a while back of apples from our mystery tree. I've never seen this variety in a store or found a description in a book that matched how they look and taste; the tree was already old when we bought the property. It was also ailing, so I held my breath and gave it a severe pruning that winter, figuring I would either kill it or do it a great favor. It has rewarded us every year since with a crop that makes great pies and applesauce.

By the way, I find the best way to make applesauce is to core, but not peel the fruit before slowly simmering a potful (with a tiny amount of water to keep them from scorching before they break down). Stir occasionally. Once they've turned into mush, run them through a food mill to remove the peels. The peels add both flavor and color--the applesauce from this tree becomes a lovely shade of pink.

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