Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Persimmon Loose Sketch

© Ellen Blonder
Happy New Year! I resolve to post more this year--to draw more this year. This is a recent colored pencil sketch of winter's persimmon crop, now long gone. 


  1. Your work is lovely. May I ask, how do you go about organizing your pencils? I saw on another post you said you keep all your greens in a cup. How many cups do you have, and how do you organize your grays/browns. Do your browns have their own cup, or are they sorted with the color undertone?

    1. Hi, Stephanie,
      Sorry, I have been neglecting my blog despite my intention not to do that. I have probably several hundred pencils by now, and they're all in 9 cups in a big basket. I'm not that scientific; it just helps to separate them roughly by color so it's easier to find the color I think I need. I think of grays and browns as neutrals, so they go in their own cup, along with whites and ivories. Trust me, though, by the end of the day, my desk is a mess! Thanks for asking.