Thursday, July 2, 2015


 ©Ellen Blonder
And now for something entirely different...

Often it feels necessary to loosen up, and I thought a monoprint workshop would help. The teacher was the delightful Cindy Miracle (check out her website here), whose own work provided beautiful inspiration, and whose depth of knowledge and gentle manner made the day fly by.

Each print is 8 x 10 inches, inked in water-soluble inks on plexiglass plates. 

 ©Ellen Blonder
In addition to the inks, we used alcohol sprays, stencils and scratching tools.

 ©Ellen Blonder
Something I found irresistible was adding layers of papers, glued between the printing paper and ink, in a technique called chine colle.

 ©Ellen Blonder
Years ago, I became interested in scribbly textures, and the plates provide a great medium for that.

 ©Ellen Blonder
Some of these feel unfinished, so I hope to either return to the workshop to print additional layers or sketch over the print.

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  1. Creative inspiration...looks like the class was fun.