Friday, June 29, 2012

Italian Pastries

© Ellen Blonder
I was going through my Italy trip notebook from 2004, and came across this page of sketches of pastries we ate in Rome, Sorrento and Capri. Ah, to have any of those now. Just in case you can't read my scribbles, they include eclairs, a pine nut tart, chocolate cruller, big sugar doughnut, buttery anise rings, chocolate biscotti, cornetto, light custart cruller, ricotta tartlet, cherry tart, dense fruit and nut cookie, budin di riso (rice pudding in a tart shell), apricot tart, dark chocolate with hazelnuts, (more) eclairs (chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, caffe), light coffee eclair, lemon cake, chocolate eclair, pine nut tart (again), brutti-buoni (ugly-good), strawberry mousse tart, and sfogliatelle (a multi-layered, custard-filled bit of heaven).

Yes, we ate them all.


  1. "...we ate..." not just that you admired and drew...but you ate...and have you made any of them at home? Fun stuff... best to all.

  2. Brutti buoni cookies are great, and pretty easy--a hard-crunchy meringue with nuts. I love the translation: Ugly-good, also sometimes called "Brutti ma Buoni," Ugly but good.