Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fruit Tart

© Ellen Blonder
Summer's here. Time to take any baked tart shell and fill it with fresh seasonal fruit. This is another watercolor illustration for the peach book that never happened. The recipe included a pastry cream layer, but you can skip it and the tart will still be good. If you like, brush the fruit with a simple glaze using a quarter cup of heated apricot jam thinned with a teaspoon or two of water. If you used peaches or nectarines that aren't sweet enough, mix them with between a quarter and half cup sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice, then let them sit for 20 minutes before you put them in the tart shell. And fill the shell shortly before serving so it doesn't get soggy with all that juice.

Now, everyone, off to the farmers' market!

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